Friday, December 23, 2011

Alien Aircraft "Raven" RC Model Aileron Detail

Here's video of the ailerons in action on the Raven from the Alien Aircraft Corporation. Full wing length controls should provide nice responsive flights.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't look as though you have aileron differential?

Do it yourself Gadgets said...

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radio controlled aeroplane said...

I also like this project about Alien Aircraft "Raven" RC Model Aileron Detail. You have share such a beautiful video.

ddog said...

I am about to start the Raven kit build -- my first and I am a bit clueless. Can you suggest a list of tools I will need to buy?

Matthew said...

@ddog: you'll need the following tools at a minimum to get started on your build:

-sturdy and flat table to work on
-Ceiling tile to push pins into
-wax paper to cover plan sheets
-hobby knife with #11 blade
-CA glue
-sanding block with various grits of sanding paper
-builders triangle or machinist's square
-small pliers
-small screwdrivers
Good luck and have fun!

ddog said...

Thanks for the tips. Have you got a video of the Raven maiden yet?

ddog said...

Thanks for your tips. My Raven build is coming along. Did you add a tail skid or wheel and if so which one? What was you final weight and how did she handle with the recommended motor at that weight?