Sunday, October 9, 2011

RC Airplanes: The Prairie Bird 50 Electric Park Flyer

This is the Prairie Bird 50 radio controlled electric powered model airplane built from a kit manufactured by Peck-Polymers. It may have the aesthetics of a school bus, but it flies like you wouldn't believe. Flat and smooth glide, turns on a dime, practically impossible to stall, and climbs close to vertical at full throttle. Specs follow along with a quick video of the maiden flight. It was a gorgeous Minnesota Autumn day:
  • 50" WS
  • 30 Oz. AUW
  • BP A2212 brushless motor
  • 3S 2200 MAH Lipo
  • 10x4.7 APC prop
  • 3 ch. R,E,T


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