Friday, June 22, 2007

Airplanes: Chuperosa Part 7

The right wing panel is almost complete. The steel straight edges provide a nice emphasis on the wing's taper, which isn't too visible in the previous post. I'm starting to plan the color scheme- there are so many options these days. I need to do some research though before I venture back into the world of plastic coverings, considering it's been over a decade. If any of you brilliant readers out there know of any web resources that discuss covering techniques, please let the rest of us know about in the comments.


sarchi said...

..some years ago I made a dolphin by keil kraft kit up for two far off cousins in africa the problem was posting it so I made a blimp covered in nett curtaining it was very strong and let down the actual kit project which was found structurally weak due to some of the balsa grades

great project :)

Matthew said...

The picture of your cousins' glider reminds me of a similar plane I had as a child. It was a profile balsa Cessna with color details- it flew pretty well for being so heavy. I didn't see any pictures of that blimp- Whenever I go to a sporting event, I'm always jealous of the guy who gets to fly the RC blimp for the crowd! Thanks for the encouragement Sarchi.