Sunday, April 15, 2007

Airplanes: Chuperosa Part Two

I have started construction on the replacement wing for my Chuperosa RC glider. Below you can see the stack of 1/16" blanks along with the aluminum root and tip templates. These will be formed into a stack, bolted together, and shaped to conform to the templates. Luckily, my Dad recommended this method, as I was unsure of how to proceed after I destroyed the foam core wing. I found an application that seems like it could work, but since the free version is cripple-ware, I could not be bothered with it. The method I chose should work just fine, and is described in detail here. (Link is a PDF) That link by the way, is an awesome reference and true wealth of knowledge for RC glider builders and pilots alike. The RC Soaring Digest is a great example of the open source
philosophy, and they allow anyone complete and unrestricted access to their archives. Let us know what your favorite spots on the web/library/newsstand are for RC model/hobbies by posting a comment.

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