Sunday, March 25, 2007

Airplanes: Mini Kestral

Here's a small scale RC glider that I recently completed called the Mini Kestral. It was designed by the master modeler Dave Robelen. It has a 38" high aspect-ratio wingspan, and is built completely out of lightweight contest grade balsa. I found the construction article in the now (unfortunately) defunct Radio Control Microflight magazine. Plans can be purchased here. I still need to install the electronics- which will not be easy due to the small size of this bird. Stay tuned for new posts when she's flight ready, along with posts from the field on the maiden flight!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool indeed!

Matthew said...

Lets hope it survives the maiden flight. I'll have posts from the field.

Anonymous said...

I also would like to build the Minikestral.
I already get the plan but, I'm looking for the original article from RCM.....
Did you get further, and if so, how is the electronics installation?...

Matthew said...

I plan on installing the radio this winter after I finish my Chuperosa. I'm glad I waited, because there are more options now like the Falcon and Cirrus Micro Joule systems. I'd love to see pictures of your kestral too- one tip for you as you build- every gram counts on this one. Watch your use of glue and make sure to use contest grade balsa.


Anonymous said...

I finaly found the text of Robelen's article but not the photos.
Do you get those?

If you do, could you send it to me: